This year’s Executive Board is very enthusiastic about the upcoming year and providing our members with some great dinner meetings and community events. This year we will be focusing on retaining our current membership while trying to increase our new membership.  Please take a moment to look at our new website for upcoming events, job postings, scholarship applications and news, here, at

Below are a few key points where RISPE/NSPE makes a difference:

  • Each year RISPE volunteers dedicate time and resources promoting math and science careers to middle and high school students throughout the state.  This effort includes organizing the MATHCOUNTS competition and the supporting the State Science Fair.  RISPE also sponsors these events so membership dues and donations are essential to RISPE’s  continued involvement and support of these events.
  • Donations collected at each dinner meeting help us award $500 scholarships to high school seniors. With more participation in our dinner events RISPE can increase the quantity of scholarships given out to aspiring young engineers. Last year alone we had approximately 50 applications for two scholarships!
  • Nationally NSPE advocates for engineering in National and State politics and your membership dues assist with funding these continued efforts.

The NSPE website ( has nearly 500 member benefits available including free continuing education credits, reduced fee EJCDC documents, reduced fee engineer publications, etc.

If any of the items listed above are sound interesting, please contact us at, come join us for one of our dinner meetings and network with your fellow engineers, or consider joining our executive board and contribute your time and talents and make an impact among RI engineers and the community at large.

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